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Although the progress of technology moves fast and batteries are more popular for supporting mobile devices, it should be noted that the actual battery chemistries haven’t changed much over the last several years. The shift in hand-held devices are for rechargeable solutions with more energy. There is still a big demand for alkaline batteries because they provide a higher discharge, are very economical, and have a long storage life. We are providing some unique alkaline battery packs that are used in commercial and military applications. Some for ocean data collection, tracking devices, and other various applications.

An alkaline battery is a type of a dry cell primary battery and it is currently the most popular type of disposable battery in the market. Other common applications include small electronic devices such as clocks and flashlights, as well as portable radios and electronic toys. Note that an alkaline battery is a primary battery. It is intended for disposal upon single use. However, Alkaline batteries are come up with Rechargeable batteries also.

One of the advantages of alkaline batteries over other primary batteries and rechargeable batteries is that it has higher energy density. For example, this battery has double the energy density when compare to zinc-carbon batteries. This allows the battery to produce the same energy while lasting longer than other batteries.

Longevity is another advantage of alkaline battery. It has longer shelf life than batteries with chloride-type electrolyte. It could last to up to seven years unused, losing about five percent of its energy every year. This means that it does not easily run out of power while not in use.

Safety is also another advantage of alkaline battery. This battery has lesser environmental impact. It does not require any special disposal methods.

Alkaline batteries can be stung in series to create high voltage packs and can be configured in many options to fit many types of requirements. An Alkaline battery pack is also a very good candidate for potting, which we do for several custom applications.

Finally when choosing your battery type the alkaline batteries has been shown to have many positive advantages such as low cost, easily accessible, standard sizes, high energy, etc..

So the alkaline battery remains a popular choice throughout many market segments.

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