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Ultralife 9Volt Lithium-ion Battery

Ultralife introduced the world's first long lasting Lithium 9-Volt over 20 years ago, with over 100 million sold. Ultralife's Lithium 9-volt battery is a consumer-replaceable battery that lasts up to 5 times longer than ordinary alkaline 9V batteries and 10 times longer than carbon-zinc batteries. It has the highest energy density, flattest discharge voltage curve, longest shelf life, widest operating temperature range, and lightest weight of any comparable 9-volt battery. A 10-year service / shelf life makes our 9-volt battery the choice for major smoke alarm manufacturers for their premium lines of 10-year ionization-type smoke alarms. As a consumer-replaceable battery, consumers can instantly upgrade any application requiring a 9-volt battery. It's known as Smoke Alarms Battery

Common Applications of Ultralife 9volt Lithium ion battery:-

  • Alkaline 9V replacement

  • Rugged handheld devices

  • Telematics

  • Test and Instrumentation

  • Smoke alarms / carbon-monoxide detectors

  • Beacons and emergency location transmitters

  • Security systems / sensors

  • Metering systems

  • Sonobuoy's

  • Music / audio devices

  • Handheld security scanners

  • Medical Instruments

  • Wearable medical devices

  • Surgical lighting

  • Patient monitors

  • Data recorders

  • Remote monitoring systems

Key Features:-

  • High energy density, up to 5x more than alkaline, up to 10x more than carbon zinc

  • Up to 10 year shelf life

  • High running voltage

  • Flat discharge voltage curve

  • Low impedance, better performance at low temperatures

  • Up to 10 year operational life in most ionization-type smoke detectors

  • Advanced safety features - over current protection

  • Lightweight - 18% less than alkaline

  • Wide operating temperature range

  • Meets ANSI Alkaline 1604 size specifications

  • Low short circuit temperature.

A lithium battery can be used as a high-performing alternative to a standard alkaline battery.

The table below compares alkaline 9V and Ultralife Lithium 9V across ten performance attributes. Those seeking a low-cost battery that is widely available on the high street should consider alkaline 9V. For applications that require a long service life or high performance, Ultralife Lithium 9V offers the best position.

Ultralife 9Volt Lithium battery can be purchased from Akshaya Agencies, Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560040

Online websites :-

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