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Updated: Jun 19, 2022

VARTA is the battery manufacturer of the future. VARTA AG, by founding the company Büsche & Müller in Hagen, which shortly afterwards became Accumulatorenfabrik AG - AFA for short. These batteries are “Made in Germany." Best energy for every devices.

Varta Batteries also comes with Rechargeable types. Rechargeable batteries are most commonly used batteries in all devices.

Reliable Safety Measures are innovated for safe use of Rechargeable batteries.

1.All of Varta Chargers are performance tested according to International Standards.

2. Varta Batteries offers a holistic assortment of chargers for every rechargeable battery size and capacity.

3. Use of innovative, environmentally friendly materials for the VARTA Eco Charger

4. Best charging results at maximum speed - charges in just 15 minutes1

5. Multiple safety features ensure reliable charging results and proper charge termination

6. Reliable chargers in proven VARTA Quality - 3 years guaranteed

7. Eco-friendly housing made of 50% bioplastics

VARTA offers the widest premium assortment in lithium button cells and alkaline special batteries - designed to provide maximum safety in combination with reliable power for various small electronic devices. Focused on the daily requirements of high and consistent energy demands. The lithium round cells market grows enormous due to the most modern smart Home & Security applications. Excellent Energy source for flashlights, cameras and photo flashes to capture every moment that is important in your live and protects your family

All varieties of Varta batteries can be purchased through ""

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