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Specialized Batteries

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Specialized batteries most commonly used in Medical devices, Laser printers, Cameras, Automated Bathroom Fittings, etc...,

Specialized Batteries Namely:-

1/3N - Available in Duracell brand, 1-3n, CR1/3n, DL1/3N, 2L76 batteries represent one of the latest advances in primary battery technology. For applications with a high current pulse,

Medical Devices, Laser Pointers, Data Storing Devices.

CR123- Available in Duracell, Panasonic, Energizer, Philips, Camelion, Maxell, Varta Brands.

CR123 or CR123A 3V Lithium Primary Battery, serious power for LED flashlights, and more. Featuring 3 Volts of power, this battery is perfect for devices such as alarm systems, medical devices, high power LED flashlights, Medical AED devices, Light Meter Camera and, other storing devices.

CRP2 - Available in Duracell, Panasonic, Camelion, Energizer Brands.

CRP2 or CRP2- 223 Lithium battery used for battery, automated bathroom fittings, camera, auto lights cameras, etc.

2CR5 - Available in Duracell, Camelion, Panasonic, Varta Brands.

2CR5 or 2CR5 - 245 are photo batteries are made with high-purity lithium for reliable, long-lasting power for your photo devices. They have up to 10 years of in-storage guarantee with Duralock power preserve technology so you can be confident these lithium photo batteries will be ready when you need them.

MN21 - Available in Duracell, Energizer, Philips, Camelion Brands.

MN21 or A23 batteries - long-lasting power guaranteed for your devices. They are suitable for use in wireless remote controls, wireless doorbells, security systems, alarms, locators, home security devices, Car remotes, Bluetooth Headset.

AAAA - Available in Duracell, Energizer & Camelion Brands.

AAAA or E96 batteries are used to power small gadgets such as LED penlights, glucose meters, laser pointers, headphone amplifiers, and powered computer styluses. They're perfect for powering remote controls, cameras, toys, torches, and other battery-powered devices.

CR2 - Available in Duracell, Energizer, Panasonic, Camelion, Varta, Maxell, Philips Brands.

CR2 batteries are made with high-purity lithium for long-lasting power guaranteed for your smart home devices, sensors, cameras, keyless locks, smoke detectors, photo flash, flashlights, bike accessories, and electronic dog collars.

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