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Role of Batteries in Everyday Applications

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Batteries are small essential components to operate many devices. It is one of the key components in our day-to-day life. Some batteries are rechargeable batteries and are used in each and every sector. Batteries are used in various things that we use in our house. Batteries are used to power things like remote controls, torches, wall clocks, flashlights, hearing aids, weight scales, Portable electronic devices, cell phones, power laptops and power tools. Solar energy can also be stored in batteries. Generally lithium-ion batteries are used in electric vehicles.

  • Lithium-ion. Lithium-ion batteries, also frequently referred to as li-ion, are the most popular and regularly used batteries in today's world.

  • NiCd.

  • NiMH.

Different battery sizes contribute to the overall effectiveness of your equipment. Generally, the larger the battery is, the more capacity it has for energy storage. So even though a big and small battery are both rated at 1.5V, the big battery stores more energy and provides a longer battery life. Batteries are extremely useful to us as consumers because they convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy, eliminating the need for a direct power source.

AA batteries are by far the most popular battery size. Used in a multitude of applications, these batteries can be purchased almost anywhere. AA batteries measure at 1.5V, and work well for devices that require a somewhat high current draw, but are not in constant use. They can also be used for devices like clocks that are always on but use minimal energy.

AAA batteries are the second most popular kind of battery. They are used for small toys, thermometers, and calculators. These batteries are often used for small electronic devices such as TV remote controls, kitchen timers, graphing calculators, and bathroom scales. AAA batteries, like AA batteries, also measure at 1.5V, but generate less energy due to their smaller size. These batteries are used primarily in small devices that don’t require a lot of energy, like kitchen timers. The batteries will last a long time, while still accomplishing their purpose. These compact batteries also power portion control scales and thermometers.

AAAA, batteries are not as common as their AA and AAA counterparts, these thin batteries pack a powerful punch. These small but powerful batteries are often used in LED penlights and laser pointers. They are also frequently used in small devices such as glucose meters, hearing aid remote controls, and powered computer styluses.

C size batteries are heavy-duty batteries are mainly used for toys, flashlights, and portable radios. Many automatic hand sanitizer dispensers require the use of these 1.5V batteries. Perfect for heavy-duty applications where batteries require frequent use, you can be sure that your device is operating with safe, reliable power. These batteries are also frequently used in restrooms that utilize battery powered flush sensors.

D size batteries used for devices that require an extended period of power time, these batteries work best in large flashlights, stereos, and hands-free soap or paper towel dispensers. Powering most automatic paper towel dispensers, D batteries are essential. These large, bulky batteries provide hours of use and power a variety of commercial, heavy-use devices, like hands-free sensor faucets, air freshener systems, and soap dispensers.

9V batteries generally known for its rectangular shape, the 9-Volt battery is used in devices that require high voltage and lots of power. 9V batteries work extremely well for devices like infrared thermometers, battery powered temperature alarms, and electronic portion scales. These products may all encounter extreme temperatures from food, walk-in coolers, or other kitchen equipment. 9V batteries are exceptionally durable and offer outstanding performance.

CR123A batteries packed with power, this battery is frequently used for tactical equipment, wireless security, and home automation. It generates 3Volts twice the voltage of a AA battery. These batteries deliver a huge amount of power while maintaining a relatively small size. Ideal for devices that require a lot of power, like LED flashlights, they ensure maximum performance. This battery will last longer than most, thanks to its large power-to-size ratio.

CR2032 batteries this small round battery offers a lot of power in a compact size, making it unique compared to most other batteries. At 3 volts, the CR2032 battery is commonly used in watches, calculators, toys, and different medical devices. These batteries provide long-lasting, reliable power and have a very high weight-to-power ratio. Used in wrist watches and slim, compact thermometers, this battery is practically weightless while providing hours of use.

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