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Introducing the Eveready DL 63 Jeevan Sathi torch, the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures and emergency situations. This powerful torch features a 1W bright white LED light, providing a bright and intense beam that can illuminate your path for up to 100 meters. With a voltage rating of 3.2V and a current of 700mA, this torch produces an impressive 240 lumens, ensuring maximum visibility in any situation. The durable construction and compact design make it easy to carry and use, making it a reliable option for camping, hiking, power outages, and more. Trust the Eveready DL 63 Jeevan Sathi torch to light up your life and keep you safe in the darkest of times.

Eveready DL 63 Jeevan Sathi 1W Bright White LED 3.2V 700mA, 240lm

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