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Energizer Performance Metal Pen Inspection Light is designed to deliver exceptional brightness and runtime performance, all in compact and durable metal construction. The Energizer Metal Pen Light is lightweight and can fit easily in a pocket or bag, a great solution at home or work. The stainless steel case minimizes damage from dropping or wear & tear. It delivers durability and dependability with the right level of brightness and beams for a variety of tasks.



1. Brand :- Energizer.

2. Type :- Torch Light With Primary Batteries.

3. Material :- Stainless Steel .

4. Colour :- Silver.

5. Weight :- 50g

6. Features :- Energizer-efficient LED technology, Steel clip holds securely to pocket, Pushbutton tail switch for one-handed operation, Stainless steel case minimizes damage from dropping or wear & tear.

7. Lumen :- 35 Lumens.

8. Shape :- Cylindrical.

9. Run Time :- 20 hours.

10. Beam Distance :- 9 meters.

11. Impact Resistance :- 1 m.

12. Water Resistance :- NA.

13. Shelf Life :- 10 Years In Storage.



1. It is an efficient LED light.

2. Compact pen light and design.

3. Minimizes damage from dropping or wear & tear.

4. Easy to use and handle.


How to Use

1. It is mostly used by doctors.

2. Use it when you’re working on a DIY project or preparing for an emergency situation.


Energizer Metal Pen Inspection Torch PLM22

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₹529.00Sale Price
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