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  •  Duracell Ultra Alkaline AAA12 + AA12 total of 24 batteries is the perfect solution for travel or outdoor activities. They have an excellent shelf life and provide up to 12 hours of continuous power.
  • These batteries are designed to be used in high drain applications such as flashlights, cameras, GPS devices, radios, clocks, toys, games, flashlights, smoke detectors, car alarms, walkie-talkies, and other devices that require AA or AAA batteries...
  • Duracell Ultra Alkaline AAA12 +AA12 Total of 24 Batteries are the ideal choice for most portable electronic devices.
  • Duracell Ultra alkaline batteries are made from the highest quality components.

Duracell Ultra Alkaline AA12 + AAA12 total of 24 Batteries.

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