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Varta Longlife Power D Alkaline Battery - 2 Pcs.
These Varta D /LR20  alkaline batteries are perfect for devices with long-life, powerful energy consumption like audio devices, battery-operated toys, flashlights. Package includes two ready-to-use D batteries.

Technical data:
- Battery size: D Mono
- Rechargeable: No
- Battery type: LR20
- Technology: Alkaline manganese
- Output voltage: 1.5V
- Capacity: 16500mAh
- Diameter: 34.2mm
- Height: 61.5mm

The D (mono) batteries are most often used in high current drain devices such as large flashlights, toys, radio receivers and transmitters, boomboxes, Geiger counters, megaphones, or other applications that require an extended running time.

Alternative battery names: Mono, LR20, AM1, XL, MN1300, 813, E95, LR20N, 13A, KD, R20, LR20L, BA3030, U7520, UM1

Varta D size Longlife Power

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