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The Envie speedster LCD charger is the perfect battery charger for you, whether at home or in transit. The battery charger is packed to the hilt with unique features which ensures that your rechargeable batteries never run out of charge when you most need them.

The Envie speedster LCD charger supports both AA as well as AAA type batteries. It is extremely fast in action and can charge batteries in less than 2 hours. It features an LCD screen too. The charger has an auto cut mechanism which cuts off current flow to the batteries when they are fully charged.

The charger can also detect bad cells to protect itself from damage. The charger is ideal for travel and supports a variety of voltages ranging from 100v to 240v allowing you to use them anywhere. The battery charger comes with an indian plug for maximum compatibility.

Envie Speedster ECR-11

₹995.00 Regular Price
₹989.00Sale Price
Tax Included

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