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Duracell Chhota Power AA , LR6, MN1500, AA, AA10, PC1500, LR6/M, 4006, AM-3 alkaline battery launched in 2019, is now with a new look and same great performance, priced at just ₹18 per battery. This is a value for money deal for the Indian consumer that guarantees one year in remote for uninterrupted TV viewing time*.

Duracell Chhota Power alkaline batteries allows Indian consumers to have longer lasting performance in remote controls. compared to ordinary zinc-carbon batteries, Duracell Chhota Power batteries extend your TV viewing time for just a few Rupees more! Duracell Chhota Power batteries are guaranteed to last 1-year in TV & Set-Up Box remotes*

*based on Remote Control test protocol and daily usage habits research conducted in India in 2018. Results may vary by device and usage pattern.


  • Guaranteed 1 year in Remote
  • 100% Checked against Leakage
  • Operates over a wider range of temperature
  • Specially designed for Remotes

Duracell Chota Power AA (pack of 10)

₹180.00 नियमित मूल्य
₹159.00बिक्री मूल्य
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